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Meet our Drum Tutors!

At The Groove Hub our team of drum tutors have one thing in common - their biggest passion is sharing their love of the drums with their students!

Grace Chilcott is the founder of the drum teaching team at The Groove Hub and as well as bringing years of teaching experience, Grace also has extensive touring experience across the UK and Internationally.

Find out more about Grace below...


My name is Grace Chilcott, I’m a Manchester based drummer & drum educator (fully DBS checked) and owner of The Groove Hub.


I’ve played drums for over 17 years and in that time I’ve studied with some of the most respected drummers in the world, including Mike Johnston, Craig Blundell & Steve White.


As a player I have toured the UK and Europe extensively, including gigs at The Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and I’ve also made multiple radio & TV appearances.


With over 10 years’ teaching experience, I’m always keen to help drummers reach their goals. Whether you are a beginner just picking up a pair of sticks for the first time, or an advanced player looking for help to push your playing to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how I can help you with your drumming.

Drum Teacher Manchester
WHAT OUR STUDENTS & their parents say:

“Grace is the most amazing teacher! I have been with her for almost 2 years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Starting as a complete beginner with no confidence in ever learning a musical instrument, she brought back my confidence and I feel like I am improving with every single lessonI always look forward to my next lesson!” 


Ivy, Student, Manchester

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Get to know Grace...
Why did you start playing drums?

I started playing drums at school, I saw a workshop from a local drum tutor and I was instantly hooked! I’d never stuck with a hobby for more than a few weeks before that, so my parents were hesitant to let me have drum lessons. I drummed out rhythms with chopsticks on Tupperware pots at home for months and my parents eventually let me have lessons. The rest is history and it’s been the most incredible journey!

What has been your most memorable drumming moment so far?

It’s hard to choose one individual memory as drumming has brought so many positive things into my life. The most important thing for me is that drumming gives me the ability to make new friends wherever I am in the world. I was able to visit California a couple of years ago to study drums and instantly made the best of friends with 8 other drummers. Having that shared passion gave us an immediate connection despite being from different parts of the world and we still talk daily!

What do you enjoy most about teaching drums?

I enjoy seeing students grow in confidence each week. There is no better feeling than knowing hard work is paying off and you can see the pride on a student’s face when they can play something they’d previously struggled with. It is a privilege to be part of that journey with so many drummers!


What would you say your strengths are as a drum teacher?

I let students learn at their own pace and always ensure that the lessons are tailored to their specific goals and the music they enjoy listening to. The most important thing for me is that each student enjoys and looks forward to their lesson each week. When you look forward to a lesson the progress will come naturally!

What has been your favourite gig you’ve ever played?

I have been fortunate to play some fantastic gigs over the years, but the one that really stands out to me as a highlight is performing at The Royal Albert Hall in London. To play at one of the most historic venues in the world was an incredible experience!

Drum Lessons in Manchester
WHAT OUR STUDENTS & their parents say:

“Grace is the most fantastic teacher. She has taken time to understand our son's musical interests and passions. He looks forward to his lessons each week and comes out of every session buzzing to get home and practice.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!” 


Leone, Parent of Student, Manchester

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Tell us three of your favourite drummers?

Steve Jordan - Steve has grooves for days! I’m a big believer that a drummer should make the audience dance and you can’t help but dance when you hear Steve Jordan play!

John Bonham - Bonham created some of the most innovative and instantly recognisable drum parts of all time. He was a true Rock ’n’ Roll superstar who has inspired many generations of drummers.

Clyde Stubblefield - Clyde was one of James Brown's drummers (alongside John 'Jabo' Starks) and he created some of the funkiest beats of all time. His playing was a masterclass in how the perfect drum part can add so much to a recording.


What would you say to someone who was thinking of trying out drums for the first time? 

Just give it a try! It might be an incredible new hobby which could bring you years of joy in playing the music you love and allow you to build new friendships with other drummers and musicians. If you never try, you'll never know!

Manchester Drum Lessons
WHAT OUR STUDENTS & their parents say:

Could not recommend highly enough - Grace is a brilliant, innovative and highly adaptable teacher who makes learning fun."


Sam, Parent of Student, Manchester

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