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What is The Christmas Drumming Experience?

You might have heard about ‘The Christmas Drumming Experience’ - this year our special vouchers are available at our best ever price from 28th October.

Every year, our Christmas Drumming Experience introduces new drummers to this fantastic instrument. Your loved one will have fun learning to play the drums and maybe you’ll even help them to find a new hobby they could enjoy for life!

The vouchers are the perfect gift for the budding drummer in your life. Whether they are 6 years old or 80+ years old, we’ll make sure they get the full rockstar experience!

We’re really excited about The Christmas Drumming Experience and in this post we’ll explain exactly what the voucher is and why it could just be the one Christmas gift your loved one will never forget!

If you’d like to purchase a voucher, click here.

What is The Christmas Drumming Experience?

The Christmas Drumming Experience is our unique Christmas voucher. You’ll receive an e-voucher to share with the recipient which will entitle them to:

  • 3 x half hour drum lessons at our professional studio in Manchester

  • 1 x pair of drum sticks

Rather than gifting another pair of socks this year, or a toy to be forgotten before the New Year, you can give a real rockstar experience with drum lessons from our Manchester studio.

You never know, they might just find a new hobby which can help them to have fun and make new friends for years to come!

For a limited time only, The Christmas Drumming Experience is at our best ever price

The vouchers have a total value of £64 and from 28th October they are available at our best ever price of just £40.

We have a limited number of vouchers available so get in quick, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The drum lessons take place in our Manchester studio

The drum lessons will take place at our state of the art studios, just outside Manchester city centre. For our exact location, please see our Google Maps location.

Our studios are kitted out with two full-size, professional quality drum kits. So your loved one will be playing real drums right from the first lesson!

If you’d like to find out more about our professional teaching studio, please click here.

Drumming is a great hobby and is beneficial for people of all ages

So, “why drums?”, you might ask.

We believe drums are the most fun instrument to play (ok, we might be biased on that one - but see a LOT of happy faces every single week in our lessons)!

There are also plenty of other benefits of learning to play drums, from a new hobby or skill, to making friends by playing music with other musicians. Drumming can also help to build confidence when taught by supportive teachers.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of learning to play drums, click here.

The voucher includes everything your loved one needs to get started on their drumming journey

With 3 professional drum lessons and a pair of sticks, your loved one will get everything they need to get started with drumming.

The recipient does not need access to drums at home and we’ll make sure they get the best start on their drumming journey!

If they’d like to practice at home we will show them how to do this even without a drum kit. Most of our students who come to us as complete beginners do not have a drum kit to practice on at home and this is completely normal.

We know your gift could be more than a few drum lessons, it could be the gift of a brand new hobby this year!

If you’d like to purchase The Christmas Drumming Experience for your loved one this year, click here to visit our shop.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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